World of Warcraft Plague

Back in 2005 there was an epidemic event caused by some unintented features (vulgo "bugs") in World of Warcraft. As it shows, studies reveal that the events give a good view on human behavior in times of the corona pandemy. 

“For me, it was a good illustration of how important it is to understand people’s behaviors,” he says. “When people react to public health emergencies, how those reactions really shape the course of things. We often view epidemics as these things that sort of happen to people. There’s a virus and it’s doing things. But really it’s a virus that’s spreading between people, and how people interact and behave and comply with authority figures, or don’t, those are all very important things. And also that these things are very chaotic. You can’t really predict ‘oh yeah, everyone will quarantine. It’ll be fine.’ No, they won’t.”

Extremetech: Researchers are dusting off WoW's Corrupted Blood Plague to Understand Coronavirus Infections.