In Wikipedia Open Access-Literatur auszeichnen

Bei Markus von Text & Blog habe ich eben gelesen, dass in der englischen Wikipedia Open Access-Symbole in den Literaturlisten anzeigen, welche Quellen frei verfügbar sind. Eine sehr gut Idee, wie ich finde, ich schließe mich da ganz Markus an:

Es wurde bisher erst in der englischsprachigen Wikipedia umgesetzt. Ich hoffe, die deutschsprachige und andere Wikipedia-Ausgaben ziehen nach. Gute Sache.

Text & Blog: Open-Access-Symbol in der Literaturliste der Wikipedia

History of Tomb Raider

With the exception of Tomb Raider for Gameboy I think I have played and finished every game of the Tomb Rader series. Not even my beloved Zelda games may claim this fact. So it is a very interesting travel through my personal gaming history, remembering all the games featuring famous adventurer Lara Croft.

In the pantheon of popular video-game characters, Tomb Raider heroine Lara Croft has carved out a place for herself as one of the industry’s most accomplished and successful icons. Since the release of the very first Tomb Raider back in 1996, the globe-trotting adventurer has starred in more than a dozen games, a pair of big-budget Hollywood blockbusters, a long-running comic-book series, an animated series, and even a set of amusement-park rides.

Digital Trends: History of Tomb Raider: Blowing the dust off 17 years of Lara Croft

Finally getting rid of this Drupal error

After many months I finally found the time to search again for a solution regarding the "unserialize: Error at offset 446 of 23435 bytes in variable_initialize()" problem of my Drupal installation. You may have seen it every once and a while when you visit this page.

If you have a similar problem: Just install the module VariableCheck or read this post (and comment #9), thanks to the authors!



Um Beziehungen in sozialen Netzwerken zu identifizieren und auszuwerten, ist es gar nicht nötig, dass Leute wie bei Facebook ihren Beziehungsstatus angeben. Drei Forscher aus Finnland, Katar und den USA haben es nur anhand von öffentlichen Tweets geschafft. Fünf Monate lang beobachteten sie etwa 40.000 Paare auf Twitter und analysierten danach vor allem die 661 Paare, die sich in dieser Zeit getrennt hatten.

WIRED Germany: Liebe auf Twitter

What is your lexical fingerprint?

There are a lot of words, I guess, that I am using more often than others (or necessary). The german expression "dergestalt" (a very oldfashioned way to express "in such an extent" or "in such a way"), for example, is a pretty good indicator for my authorship as I never heard anybody else saying it at all (as far as I remember).

Slate autor Matthew J.X. Mallady found himself saying "iteration" "more than any human being should" which results in his amusing article on "fingerprint words":

I’m not proud of this. I’d prefer to be a guy who can refer to a version or edition or plain old instance of something, and who doesn’t go around saying iteration over and over again. Alas, that is not me.

Slate - Lexicon Valley: Fingerprint Words - The verbal tics that make up who we are—and how they spread to others.

Do you speak "Human"?

Somewhere out in space, in the Beta quadrant of the Star Trek Universe, there's a planet called Romulus. It's a planet a bit bigger than Earth, and has about 18 billion people on it. But Earth, with a third as many people, has about 7,105 languages, while Romulus has just "three major dialects."

io9: One Planet, One Language: How Realistic Is Science Fiction Linguistics?

Harry Potter and Politics

While my generation was politically influenced by Benjamin Blümchens more or less sublime left wing messages, the millenials may attribute their political orientation on Hogwarts education...

Kids who grew up reading the Harry Potter books are voting in U.S. elections. And now a new study says the adventures of the young wizard might have cast an enduring spell on its fans, subtly shaping their values and political views. The Millennial Generation is actually the Muggle Generation.

io9: D​id Harry Potter Influence The Political Views of Millennials?

Richtig falsch geschrieben ist gut gedroht

Gut zu wissen...

Richtig falsch zu schreiben erfordert also ein beträchtliches Können und zudem eine Disziplin, die viele Autoren nicht aufbringen: Wer sich auf Rechtschreibfehler konzentriert, vernachlässigt oft die notwendigen Verstöße gegen die Grammatik und umgekehrt.

FAZ.NET Erpresserbriefe: Richtig falsches Deutsch zu schreiben ist sehr schwer