The Internet is for Dating and Finance



Nice view on the acceleration and complication of two very different markets due to the Internet...

Your parents dated the way Warren Buffett picks a stock: a close review of the prospectus over dinner, careful analysis of long-term growth potential, detailed real asset evaluation.

Slate: The Boardroom and the Bedroom - How both dating and finance have been screwed by the Internet.

Altavista shuts down

Das waren noch Zeiten.

Die Entscheidung zeigt auch, wie sehr sich das Web seit dem Start von Altavista 1995 verändert hat. Damals war der Suchanbieter ein Pionier. Während andere Suchmaschinen die bestehenden Webseiten in einem redaktionell gepflegten Katalogen und Verzeichnisdiensten sammelten, baute Altavista eine Software. Der „Super-Spider“ von Altavista, der sich wie eine Spinne durchs Web bewegte, las Informationen über die Seiten im Web aus und erfasste sie in einem Index.

Ende eines Internet-Fossils Die Suchmaschine Altavista wird abgeschaltet

Zelda: The economical tragedy of Hyrule

Regardless, judging from the relatively low number of shops available (and considering that some of them even had their entrances hidden from first sight), it's assumed that the heavy presence of monsters and wild creatures has severely affected the different businesses. And even after Link manages to defeat Ganon, Hyrule still has a long way to go before restoring itself (as revealed by the instruction manual of The Adventure of Link. In this second game, Rupees have disappeared completely; no shops are seen in any of the current eight towns of the land, not even money-based trades are made, and therefore Link doesn't collect the legendary and long-lasting, yet ultimately deceased currency.