How to distinguish normal food from super food

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Do you want to know, if there is scientific evidence for the health benefits of this new superfood? Take a look at this fantastic interactive visualization at Information is beautiful.

Snake Oil Superfoods?


Image Credits: "Blueberries, a so-called 'superfood' that actually does not have unusually dense nutrient content." ("Blueberries on branch" by Jim Clark) - [1]. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


Great overview!

What tools does a grammarian need? A brain helps, and so does a computer, but surely one of our most essential tools is some kind of diagramming system. How can we think about a sentence's structure, after all, without displaying it visually? Geographers have maps; mathematicians have equations; composers have musical notation; economists have graphs; and grammarians have trees.

It wasn't always so.

A Brief History of Diagramming Sentences

Controversy Mapping

Floating Sheep ist ein interessantes Projekt, in dem Zahl und Art der Konflikte, die in den verschiedenen Sprachen der Wikipedia ausgetragen werden visualisiert worden sind:

So, a natural question for was whether we can model and map the controversiality of Wikipedia articles. Does controversy have distinct geographies? It turns out that it does.

Floating Sheep