Incredible WaveNet Speech Synthesis

Yaaaay, there is certainly some magic in deep neural networks - after mastering Go or making huge progress in the field of Spoken Language Recognition, Google now presents WaveNet, a deep neural networks-based approach to Speech Synthesis. It sound astoundingly real and even can compose music or fictional languge-like sounds. Amazing. And spooky. 

WaveNet changes this paradigm by directly modelling the raw waveform of the audio signal, one sample at a time. As well as yielding more natural-sounding speech, using raw waveforms means that WaveNet can model any kind of audio, including music.



Spiegel Online: Rekonstruktion einer Ursprache

Pagel und seine Kollegen nutzten vielmehr eine statistische Methode, um die Veränderungen von Wörtern im Laufe der Jahrtausende abzuschätzen und daraus abzuleiten, ob eine Verwandtschaft zwischen Wörtern bestehen könnte oder nicht.

Linguistik: Forscher enttarnen Wörter der europäischen Ursprache

What is the name of the Wolfram Language?

You might say, “How hard can it be to come up with one name?” In my experience, some names are easy to come up with. But others are really really hard. And this is an example of a really really hard one. (And perhaps the very length of this post communicates some of that difficulty…)

What Should We Call the Language of Mathematica?