Today I remembered that it is impossibleto to comment to this blog. If I remember correctly, this was due to the fact that my host provider told me, I should stop sending thousands of mails a day with this account.

As a matter of fact, thousands of spam bots registerd as a user and Drupal just confirmed their attempts. Still, I have several hundred pages of lists of unapproved users somewhere in the backend.

For my bloody Drupal noob past me the easiest way was to deactivate user registration. Today, present me was challengend by understanding what past me has done... but finally: here you go, and comment - but mind the captcha.

Finally getting rid of this Drupal error

After many months I finally found the time to search again for a solution regarding the "unserialize: Error at offset 446 of 23435 bytes in variable_initialize()" problem of my Drupal installation. You may have seen it every once and a while when you visit this page.

If you have a similar problem: Just install the module VariableCheck or read this post (and comment #9), thanks to the authors!


New article: HZSK repository in D-LIB

The September/October issue of D-LIB magazine contains an article written by Daniel Jettka and myself with the title "The HZSK Repository: Implementation, Features, and Use Cases of a Repository for Spoken Language Corpora". In this article we describe the process of the conception and implementation of the digital repository of the Hamburg Centre for Language Corpora (HZSK). It is based on the software framework Fedora, Islandora, and Drupal and is mainly used for the maintainence and distribution of spoken language data. Read more about it at D-LIB or visit the HZSK repository.