What is your lexical fingerprint?

There are a lot of words, I guess, that I am using more often than others (or necessary). The german expression "dergestalt" (a very oldfashioned way to express "in such an extent" or "in such a way"), for example, is a pretty good indicator for my authorship as I never heard anybody else saying it at all (as far as I remember).

Slate autor Matthew J.X. Mallady found himself saying "iteration" "more than any human being should" which results in his amusing article on "fingerprint words":

I’m not proud of this. I’d prefer to be a guy who can refer to a version or edition or plain old instance of something, and who doesn’t go around saying iteration over and over again. Alas, that is not me.

Slate - Lexicon Valley: Fingerprint Words - The verbal tics that make up who we are—and how they spread to others.

Richtig falsch geschrieben ist gut gedroht

Gut zu wissen...

Richtig falsch zu schreiben erfordert also ein beträchtliches Können und zudem eine Disziplin, die viele Autoren nicht aufbringen: Wer sich auf Rechtschreibfehler konzentriert, vernachlässigt oft die notwendigen Verstöße gegen die Grammatik und umgekehrt.

FAZ.NET Erpresserbriefe: Richtig falsches Deutsch zu schreiben ist sehr schwer