The Internet is for Dating and Finance



Nice view on the acceleration and complication of two very different markets due to the Internet...

Your parents dated the way Warren Buffett picks a stock: a close review of the prospectus over dinner, careful analysis of long-term growth potential, detailed real asset evaluation.

Slate: The Boardroom and the Bedroom - How both dating and finance have been screwed by the Internet.

Stable marriage-based dating

I was thinking about using game principles in a dating app as well. But Florets idea of applying the "stable marriage" mathematics problem on users is somewhat original:

Floret is a new dating app that focuses on a common problem known as the stable marriage problem, which essentially means that elements in a group are matched based on preferences, without any two elements in the group preferring one another over their original match.

TechCrunch: Floret is a gamified dating app for virtual romance.