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Arabic Video Game Logos

This collection of arabic game logos is both, beautiful and interesting from a localization point of view:

Games Logos In ARABIC on Behance

But I was a bit disappointed as well, as it shows only rather typographic logos. What about games like Zelda with background images and more expressionistic fonts?
Google revealed the following interesting article:

Nintendo Game Zelda is Now Arabic, Thanks to This Moroccan Developer |

DIYS Gender-Adaption in Zelda - The Windwaker

It’s annoying and awkward, to put it mildly, having to do gender-translation on the fly when Maya asks me to read what it says on the screen. You can pick your character’s name, of course – I always stick with Link, being a traditionalist – but all of the dialog insists that Link is a boy, and there’s apparently nothing to be done about it.

Blarg: Flip all the pronouns

Und der Artikel auf SpOn dazu: Kanadier macht Zeldas Link zum Mädchen