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Drug or Sci-Fi Quiz?

It is harder than one would guess, but: Can you tell if this is a fictional character/thing or the brand of a drug? Great quiz (and great text!) at Lexicon Valley

1. Alixia: Non-human female? Or cancer chemotherapy?

2. Arborlon: City? Or cream for itching?

3. Autloc: Aztec priest? Or blood pressure medication?

Überwachung auf der Enterprise

Der nicht mehr tagesaktuelle Artikel "Star Trek und die NSA" aus FAZ.NET beschreibt, wie Star Trek das Denken heutiger Wissenschaftler und damit unserere heutigen technischen Innovationen prägte. Aber auch unser Gesellschaftsbild, vermutet der Autor:

Mit anderen Worten: Die Vision der Zukunft ist, dass wir den Kampf gegen allgegenwärtige Überwachung verloren haben, aber dass das nicht schlimm ist. Die Gesellschaft hat sich so weiterentwickelt, dass kein Missbrauch stattfindet.


Auf der Tagung “We Robot Conference”, die im letzten April an der Universität von Miami stattfand, hat Kate Darling vom MIT Media Lab untersucht, mit dem Artikel “Extending Legal Rights to Social Robots” inwieweit die Tatsache, dass Menschen Emotionen auf Objekte wie Roboter projizieren, dazu führen könnte oder sollte, Roboter ähnlichen wie Tiere gesetzlich zu schützen.

Erlebt: Rechte für Roboter

The Linguistics of Prometheus

The ‘Professor’ in the clip is in fact the real-life linguistics consultant used for the film and taught Michael Fassbender (David) the dialogue. I managed to track down the consultant, a Dr. Anil Biltoo of the SOAS Language Centre in London, to see if he could shed some light on the mysterious final scene.

The Linguistics of Prometheus - What David Says to the Engineer
Prometheus Bluray Easter Egg: Language of the Gods
The Mysteries Behind the Prometheus Deleted Scenes - A Discussion with Dr. Biltoo

Dr. Anil Biltoo

Spacetime Curvature in the work of H.P. Lovecraft

In 1928, the late Francis Wayland Thurston published a scandalous manuscript in purport of warning the world of a global conspiracy of occultists. Among the documents he gathered to support his thesis was the personal account of a sailor by the name of Gustaf Johansen, describing an encounter with an extraordinary island. Johansen`s descriptions of his adventures upon the island are fantastic, and are often considered the most enigmatic (and therefore the highlight) of Thurston`s collection of documents.
We contend that all of the credible phenomena which Johansen described may be explained as being the observable consequences of a localized bubble of spacetime curvature. Many of his most incomprehensible statements (involving the geometry of the architecture, and variability of the location of the horizon) can therefore be said to have a unified underlying cause.

Possible Bubbles of Spacetime Curvature in the South Pacific

Interview: Doug Wolens on "The Singularity" Movie at Singularity Hub

If you don’t have time to read The Singularity Is Near but want a more in depth understanding of the singularity, this is the film for you. Like the phenomena it attempts to explore, it takes off at an accelerating pace

Exclusive Interview With Doug Wolens, Director of "The Singularity"

The Singularity - Will we survive our technology - Trailer

Life Size HAL 9000 for Sale

But wait, there's so much more. Of course the HAL 9000 Life-Size Replica has a red LED eye. And of course he talks (one of 15 movie quotes, randomly cycled through). But get this: HAL 9000 also responds to your voice. That's right, say something to HAL longer than 1.2 seconds, and it'll activate a sound clip. OR, point almost any IR remote at him and press a button for a sound clip.

Think Geek: HAL 9000 Life-Size Replica