The Linguistics of Prometheus

The ‘Professor’ in the clip is in fact the real-life linguistics consultant used for the film and taught Michael Fassbender (David) the dialogue. I managed to track down the consultant, a Dr. Anil Biltoo of the SOAS Language Centre in London, to see if he could shed some light on the mysterious final scene.

The Linguistics of Prometheus - What David Says to the Engineer
Prometheus Bluray Easter Egg: Language of the Gods
The Mysteries Behind the Prometheus Deleted Scenes - A Discussion with Dr. Biltoo

Dr. Anil Biltoo

Interview: Richard Lederer on Janus Words at Wordmaster

Take the word 'out': just a three-letter word; sometimes an adverb, sometimes a preposition or a particle. When the sun is out, you can see it; when the lights are out, then you can't see them. So it is both visible and invisible."

One Word, Two Opposite Meanings: Terms That Janus Would Have Loved

English Word and Letter Frequency

perhaps your group at Google might be interested in using the computing power that is now available to significantly expand and produce such tables as I constructed some 50 years ago, but now using the Google Corpus Data, not the tiny 20,000 word sample that I used.

English Letter Frequency Counts: Mayzner Revisited or ETAOIN SRHLDCU

Interview with the creator of the Na'vi language

Fictional languages are by far the largest group of artistic languages. Fictional languages are intended to be the languages of a fictional world, and are often designd with the intent of giving more depth and an appearance of plausibility to the fictional worlds with which they are associated, and to have their characters communicate in a fashion which is both alien and dislocated.

An interview with Paul Frommer, Alien Language Creator for Avatar

Learn Klingon

The Klingon language is something truly unique. While there have been other artificial languages, and other languages crafted for fictional beings, Klingon is one of the rare times when a trained linguist has been called upon to create a language for aliens. Add to this more than a quarter-century of the Star Trek phenomenon, a mythos that has permeated popular culture and spread around the globe. These factors begin to explain the popularity of the warrior's tongue.

Klingon Language Institute

Christiane Fellbaum im Tagesspiegel über Computerlinguistik (2007)

Die Computerrevolution hat die Sprachforschung bedeutend beeinflusst. Theorien über den Erwerb, Gebrauch, und Wandel der Sprache beruhen nicht mehr ausschließlich auf Introspektion und Intuition der Forscher, sondern können anhand digitaler Corpora entwickelt werden.

Jahr der Geisteswissenschaften: Das Geheimnis der Wörter